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Fiyahost Domain Frequently Ask Questions(FAQ)

What is Domain With Example?

Domain name Are uses for know more about an IP address.For example- Suppose a website have its own ip address as but its harder to remember an ip address.but if an ip address map with a name it is easy to remember it. For example here Fiyahost is the website name and .com is the extension of website .Then website name + extension=Domain name. as. Fiyahost .Domain name identify as the complete website name as above a user type on his/her browser url then browser search the Fiyahost .com where is hosted and return the website content which publish on

What is Meant By Domain?

Domain Name is Your website name as Domain name is the website address where user can access your website content from any where in the world. Computer uses IP address as but harder to use to remember but Domain name map with website IP address When user type from url from Browser .Then website content ,from can be access by the user from any location in the world.

How Do i Know My Domain?

Go To Whois Look Up into Search engine. go to look up form enter the Domain name. You can get the detail about your Domain name.

What is Dns Server Are How it Works?

Domain Name Server are as it is a phonebook . They store and manage The Directory of Domain name and translate into internet address as name is easy to remember but internet IP address harder to remember. Domain name Server as,ns1 for name server map with an IP address and is map with another IP ns2. means multiple have multiple map IP addresses. If browser client/user access the website address even browser request.The website content then DNS map with the website .access the web IP address.The content of website can be access by the user from any location in the world.

How Do Domain works?

When Your Enter Website name on browser as browser send request to the network of servers. It searching where the website or Domain name is hosted. If website address content is fetch by users.

Why.Com is Used?

.Com The Domain Name com is a Top level Domain (TLD) of Domain name is internet .com means this Domain name is user for commercial. It means generally used for commercial activity.

How To Register A Domain Name?

To Register A Domain Name Kindly visit and search the Domain name which you want to Resister . if Domain name available . Then Add to check out button and click and register Fill the Account detail of your Domain name information after information added. Make the payment. If your payment is confirm by bank your Domain name will be Booked .You will get the email for confirmation of Domain name.

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